September 2022

Bella plays Marsalis Violin Concerto

During the 22/23 Season Bella played the Wynton Marsalis Violin Concerto in Massachusetts with the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Yaniv Dinur, and in California with the Santa Rosa Symphony, conducted by Francesco Lecce-Chong. She continues to perform it in the 23/24 season and beyond.

Marsalis writes: This piece was written for Nicola Benedetti. It takes inspiration from her life as a traveling performer and educator who enlightens and delights communities all over the world with the magic of virtuosity. Scored for symphony orchestra, with tremendous respect for the demands of that instrument, it is nonetheless written from the perspective of a jazz musician and New Orleans bluesman. We believe that all human beings are connected in the essential fundamentals of life: birth, death, love, and laughter; that our most profound individual experiences are also universal (especially pain); and acknowledging the depth of that pain in the context of a groove is a powerful first step towards healing.